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Gareth Moxom, Client Director & Facilitator, Expression for Growth

Process? What process?

Why good sales needs a good process..

But it’ll stop me…..

What do you think when you hear the word ‘process’? Putting that question to salespeople tends to elicit two extreme responses. Firstly, it’s often “love it, gives me structure, that’ll help” or, very frequently, an internal scream – “it’ll restrict me, I can’t be myself, I don’t want to be a robot”. Which camp do you fall into?

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Virtual Selling part 1 : Preparation

For many organisations the COVID crisis stripped customer interaction back to the very core; no-frills, focus on the basics & keep it simple. Even that basic approach challenged client relationships as organisations grappled with survival within an ever-changing landscape, far from complete information and the impossibility of predicting the future…even the very near future.
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